How to search

The primary search field is DESCRIPTIONS, which searches for words in titles and keyword descriptions, and secondly ARTISTS' NAMES. If you are searching for a particular subject or object, for example "baby," enter the word "baby" in the DESCRIPTIONS search field. Use the singular "baby" not "babies" as our key wording is based on singular words. If you find an image you like, try entering the artist's name in the ARTIST search field to see images in a similar style. As our key wording is not yet complete this may produce other images showing a baby.

View the entire web-site

Entering "A" in the alphabetical artist search will show all the images on the web-site by artists whose name begins with "A" (Note: "A" also brings up the entire "ANONYMOUS" collection of ephemera images). Searching one letter at a time the whole site can be viewed. This will not show the entire library collection as many images are not yet scanned or are still in artist's copyright. These can be accessed by request.

Using the lightbox

A light box facility is available. Clicking the checkbox will store selected images to a lightbox for the duration of the session. Clicking "Update lightbox" at the foot of the page will update the lightbox and the number of images in the lightbox will appear in brackets as Lightbox(n) on line 2 of the page. Items can be deleted from the lightbox and the selection can be printed from your browser.

Free advice

We are always pleased to be contacted by email or phone for assistance with finding an image and can make suggestions for illustrating particular themes. On request we will compile selections on particular themes for dispatch by email or on CD. There is no charge for this. Also we may be able to suggest images that are still in copyrightand cannot be put up on our web site. We can assist in clearing artist or estate copyright.

How to license images

Please contact us by email or phone with details of the product, geographical market and license period required. We can then quote a price and send scans to your specification, or 5 x 4 inch positive transparencies.